Communications & More


I love thinking about brands and consumers from a critical perspective to creatively solve problems. In an ever-changing industry, consumers have power to be a part of the conversation with brands. There is a symbiotic relationship of influence that exists between the two.


Event planning is an outlet for me to create special moments among a group of friends and strangers. I've volunteered, worked with companies and friends to produce an array of events including music showcases, panels, festivals, and networking events.


Photography is a form of art and storytelling for me. It's another form of communication. And over the years it has challenged me to adapt to uncertain environments and focus on details that enhance the story of an image.


While studying public relations as my major, I've learned a lot about integrated communications. It's not just about delivering a product anymore. It's about creating shared stories with consumers based on shared values. In order for that to occur you align messaging across advertising, branding, marketing and public relations.


It's an amazing thing to be able to communicate passion and ideas across borders and cultures. My international experiences have peaked my interest in connecting multi-cultural communities, which I will continue to develop as I navigate my way through life.


Writing peaked my interest in communications, and is a skill I highly value. Writing has taught me how to be an effective communicator, how to prioritize information, and how to edit succinctly. These skills have enabled me to excel in every aspect of my communications career.