Featured photo taken by Sara Feigin in London. All other words and photos by Jenna Million from a trip to London in early September.

Part I

Walking streets I know all too well for a city I’ve never lived in
Feeling utterly alone
An unsettling flutter of missed connections and
Missing the familiar faces of those who don’t understand what it means to be here and there

After some delay, a much-needed reunion
And a talk that salvages my soul
Until I feel whole again, for a moment
Between friends living across the world from each other,
With problems all too similar
And advice that’s easier to give than to accept for ourselves

Sharing a crisp afternoon with a breezy wind
And sunshine peeking through trees, giving enough warmth to make the wind bearable
Long blonde hair with split ends, always getting in my face
Wrapped in an overpriced vintage jacket that my friend points out is fake, much to my bitter bemusement

Captured on film
A peaceful calmness to my face
A mind resting for a second
In between a whirlwind of thoughts

And asking ourselves what we forget to ask all to often,
How are we living our lives?

Part II

I’ve been here before
Sat in this cold dark tunnel
Waiting for a train
To take me to a plane
To take me far far away
To take me to a new life

Listening to this album
With this backpack and this suitcase
And my hair in a bun
Wearing these same shiny docs

But a different person
What all has happened since then?
What all has changed?

She’s a different girl now
Less scared, less anxious

Leaving the same city once again
To go somewhere unknown
This time all on her own
This time she’s fine with it all
She just wants to be in one place for awhile

Part III

I always seem to miss this city
Enchanted by the vibrant art and the buzzing hustle
The fashion and the music and the millennial punks
The summers in Hyde Park
Indulging in international foods
Buying crap veggies at Tesco
Walking the hill to Ally Pally for a gig to remember

Though I’ve never lived there
I’ve never worked there
I’ve never braved the cold winter
I’ve never commuted during rush hour
I’ve never had to find my people in a city of millions

Still, I think one day I might