Hey y'all!
My name is Jenna.

This is a place for me to pull all of my creative endeavors together. You can following my journey on my blog, or find out more info about my passion and skills on the experience page.

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Because we all need
to ignite the flame
that allows us to live
intentionally, through
thought and action.

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Missing London

Featured photo taken by Sara Feigin in London. All other words and photos by Jenna Million from a trip to London in early September. Part I Walking streets I know all too well for a city I’ve never lived in Feeling utterly alone An unsettling flutter of missed connections and Missing the familiar faces of those who don’t understand what it means to be here and there After some delay, a much-needed reunion And a talk that salvages my soul Until I feel whole again, for a moment Between friends living across the world from each other, With problems all too similar And advice that’s easier to give than to accept for ourselves Sharing a crisp afternoon with a breezy wind And sunshine peeking through trees, giving enough warmth to make the wind bearable Long blonde hair with split ends, always getting in my face Wrapped in an overpriced vintage…

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Budapest by Jenna Million
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Discovering the Vibrant Life of Budapest

Part I An unfamiliar apartment An unfamiliar neighborhood An afternoon walk that reveals there’s much more life behind an infinite row of buildings I walk down dirty streets that take me through alleys and down sidewalks decorated with art and stickers and nonsense and painted fences and broken bottles Suddenly the winding alley opens into a bustling street with Gothic Revival buildings peering into bright blue skies and perfectly trimmed green trees And people sit out in the square I join them and I don’t feel out of place Everyone is meeting someone Waiting for a lover or a friend or a brother Or a stranger The workers go to work The tourists go to tour The boys and girls go to drink their coffee and sip a beer and take a drag And at night everyone comes out to play in beer gardens and parks and ruin bars with…

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Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
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Capturing Vietnam on Film

At the beginning of July, my friend introduced me to the blossoming film scene in Ho Chi Minh City. One of my favorite hangouts became the cafe below the film shop. Within days I was convinced to take the leap into the world of film. I invested in a Pentax K1000 and a roll of Kodak Color 200. It took me a few weeks to finish the first roll, since I was so comfortable with the immediacy of shooting digital. I had to leave my Fujifilm X-T1 at home to focus on capturing Vietnam on film, and since then I’ve been enjoying the this medium – one that makes you slow down to find a single shot in a city than never stops running. Ho Chi Minh City, July 2018 Hoi An, August 2018

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Da Lat Market
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Discovering the Magic of Da Lat’s Market

After six weeks in Ho Chi Minh City, I joined my brother, sister-in-law, and baby niece for a weekend getaway in Da Lat, a town less than an hour plane ride to the north, nestled in Vietnam’s highland region. Located in between winding roads on hillsides and serene lakes, the scenic views in Da Lat are endless, and the average temperature remains cooler than that of Ho Chi Minh City. One day we opted for time in the city rather than the surrounding natural sights. My brother and I ventured into town to walk around the market. What I imagined to be a small street market turned out to be a buzzing event, spanning multiple blocks. All kinds of fruits and vegetables imaginable, and some unimaginable, were displayed for shoppers, along with flowers, desserts, fresh milk, fish, and other assortments of fermented vegetables. In the center of the block was…

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Ho Chi Minh City, June 29, 2018
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My Perspective of Ho Chi Minh City Changed From the Backseat of a Motorbike

Two weeks in. It all hit me. Exhaustion. Sickness. And in came pouring thoughts of self-doubt, confusion, frustration. In my gut, I wasn’t ready to give up. But in my head was a shiny picture of home, with the people I know, with a stable job, with any sense of familiarity and comfort. It took two days in bed to recover from the sickness, but feeling of helplessness lingered. And then one day changed everything. A leap of faith. Placing my trust in a stranger, a soon-to-be friend. Hopping on the backseat of a motorbike.

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Just Like That, the Next Chapter Begins

Just like that. With the grand celebrations of graduation done, I said see you later to my life in Austin. I love that city and the people too much to stay away forever. But I think it will be some time before I call it home again. Just like that. I said hello to two weeks of beautiful British summer time in London. I adapted to some sort of life in a country that I could call a second home. It was easy to assimilate back into a culture that enveloped me for three months. Not even six months ago had I left, now to return. I didn’t think I’d be back so soon. A homecoming.

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How I Uncovered My Purpose By Asking “Why?”

The start of 2018 marked a new stage of growth for me. As a graduating senior, I reflected a lot on my time at the University of Texas at Austin, which led me to ask questions like, “What am I going to do after graduation?” and “What do I want to do with the rest of my life?” but most importantly, “Why am I doing it?” I think people often forget to ask themselves this question, but I believe that knowing the answer, and following through with it is what brings purpose to life. Thinking on these questions made me realize that the answer has always been in front of me. It became very clear that my studies at UT Austin and my extra curricular projects all revolve around one simple answer to that Why? – to connect people.

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