As I started writing about music, I came to enjoy photography even more. I felt it was an art form I could connect with. At 15-years-old I picked up a camera with the goal of shooting live music, and every year since I have worked to challenge myself with my art to find a style uniquely mine.

Live Music

I was inspired by concert photographers before me to photograph the artists I loved most. In high school, a photography class taught me the basics of how to use a camera, and I taught myself the rest – how to wait for a moment, how to capture a spark, how to adjust to the environment. For years, live music was my focus and I spent a long time trying to find my voice within my photography.


After a few years of solidifying my voice in live music, I ventured into unknown territory – portraits. Live music taught me to adapt to what I was given, but styled portraits demanded the attention of every minute detail in the photo from the way the clothes hang, to the model's hand position, to the background. I spent a summer diving into creative shoots with models of varying experience, and I came to love it. It's a new creative challenge every time.