As a Portland, Oregon native relocated to Austin, Texas, I inevitably attended University of Texas at Austin and fell in love with the city. As I discovered the great things about Austin – the beautiful outdoors, healthy lifestyles, relaxed patio bars, and the most important thing, live music – I discovered a lot about myself too.

One of the more transformative periods of my undergrad years was spent as a walk-on athlete on the Women's Rowing team for a semester. It was an experience that pushed my physical and mental limits. Ever since then, I seek adventures that challenge me to get out of my comfort zone.

The other years of my undergrad have included many internships (including one that turned into a part-time job in the music industry), studying abroad, and pursuing entrepreneurial opportunities. Throughout all of this I developed my communications skills as a public relations major. Whether I'm pursuing the music industry or international relations, I've crafted my experiences to bring my passions and skills together. With every part of my life I try to find some way to learn and grow from the experience, working as an intern, studying, making connections, or traveling.

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